Risky Business

Weekly / 1 Hour
High quality infosec news and interviews

Very entertaining and informative. The presentor is very skilled at interviewing and ensuring that opinions are elaborated. Definitely recommended.

Defensive Security Podcast

(Mostly) Weekly / 1 Hour
Two blue-team infosec professionals discuss the security week’s news.

Both the presenters have interesting insights, well thought out opinions and don’t always agree with each other. They also make a point of not accepting advertisements or sponsors so no topic or company is off limits in the discussion. Definitely recommended.


Weekly / 1 Hour
Low level software engineering discussion and interviews.

Two embedded engineers interview a different person each week. Very informative and focused discussions. Definitely recommended.

Linux Voice

2-Weekly / 1 Hour
Journalists talk about Linux news and Linux things

The discussions are very user focused (they don’t really talk about development) but still interesting and informative.

ISC Stormcast

Daily / 5 minutes
Daily infosec news

Concise and informative.

Pauls Security Weekly

Weekly / 1-2 hours
Infosec news and interviews

They occasionally have really interesting discussions but the vast majority are very unfocused and filled with juvenile banter. Not really recommended.


Daily / 20 minutes
Daily infosec news

More like general entertainment than actual, useful news. You will learn more from the 5 minute ISC podcast.


Weekly / 2 Hours
BSD news and interviews and sometimes tutorials

I think the show could do with better editing and more focus. There are frequent pauses and mistakes and the show goes on much longer than it needs to.

Security Now

Weekly / 2 hours
Security news and in depth explanations of basic computing concepts

I find the discussions in this show very basic and slow paced and far beneath any tech professional.


Weekly / 1 Hour
Two C++ developers talk about C++ news and then interview a guest.

Presenters are frequently unprepared for interviews and ask unintelligent questions. There are also many annoying, intrusive advertisements which I don’t think are appropriate for a podcast at this level.