Things to listen to to enrich activities such as driving, housework or exercising which would otherwise be a partial waste of time.


Risky Business - A weekly Information Security podcast. Very professional, informative and entertaining.

Developer Tea - Mostly meta and language agnostic and therefor good. However, the host does have a tendency to shoot off into irritating tangents on trivial things like web development and answering “where do I start” type questions.

cognicast - A podcast mostly about Clojure. The format is one topic per episode and the episodes can drag on for a while so cherry picking episodes based on title and description is advised.

Functional Geekery - General functional programming podcast. The host does a good job of finding interesting guests.

BSD Now - Is sometimes bogged down with Linux bashing and ZFS worship but mostly interesting.

Software Engineering Radio - It’s worth going through the archives to find interesting episodes.

Programming Throwdown - Very light weight and general but amusing.


Videos are usually hosted on respective conference websites or available on Youtube.

Chaos Communication Congress - A European security and technology conference.

Lang NEXT - A programming languages conference organised by Microsoft, but not at all Microsoft centric.

Lambda Days - A European Functional Programming conference.

Code Mesh - A Functional Programming conference held in London.

cppcon - C++ conference.


Lectures and online courses can sometimes be worth listening to depending on the amount of visual material, your level of confidence with the material and attention available.

MIT OpenCoureWare

Open Security Training